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Ocean LED 3010TH 180 Degree Lens Angle - WHITE

SKU: 001-500160
Ocean LED 3010TH 180 Degree Lens Angle - WHITE
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Ocean LED 3010TH 180 - WHITE (9-32VDC)


The Pro-Series from OceanLED is where it all began. The revolutionary 1 Thru Hull totally revamped a stagnating underwater lighting market back in 2006, as it provided yachts the chance to fit underwater lights in tight areas where previously it had been impossible to cut a large 4 hole and/or have access for bulb changes for traditional bulb style lights.
The Pro-Series are easily as bright as competing bulb underwater lights and in most cases far outperform them. But it is worth noting, in exactly the same way as surround sound works on your home theatre, a better effect can be achieved from using multiple smaller lights, rather than 1 or 2 big ones.

The light engine of the Thru Hull is held on the outside of the boats hull in direct contact with the water, which provides it with unprecedented cooling. The Flush Mount arose from a demand to position underwater lights down the sides of yachts. The Flush Mount is available in the same sizes/series as the Thru Hulls, so matching light outputs/colors to Thru Hulls mounted on the transom make it easy.


Download full tech specs here