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Cruiseair STX10-410A 115V

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Cruiseair STX10-410A 115V
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Cruiseair Stowaway Turbo Unit (SMXII) 10,000BTU 115V 60Hz

The Stowaway Turbo series completely revolutionized self-contained cooling and heating with the newest innovations in marine air conditioning system design.

The rust-free molded composite drain pan has three drains for the rapid removal of condensate water.

An advanced cushioning system results in significantly quieter, virtually vibration- free operation. The enclosed blower motor eliminates overhang to provide easier installation.

The Turbo series was specifically engineered to harness and maximize the impressive performance of R-410A refrigerant. Used in the HVAC industry for more than 10 years, R-410A refrigerant is proven, reliable, and complies with all EPA standards and is accepted world wide.

·       Up to 27% more energy efficient.

·       Up to 21% increased capacity.

·       Compact design uses less space.

·       Rust-free drain pan.

·       Up to 85% less standing water in drain pan.

·       Reduced noise and vibration with high- velocity blowers and mounts.

·       Optional sound cover further reduces compressor noise by up to 50%.

·       Engineered to maximize performance of R-410A, an environmentally safe refrigerant.


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