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MarineAire MSA9K2 - 9,000 btu 115V

MarineAire MSA9K2 - 9,000 btu 115V
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 MSA9K2 - 9,000 Btu Self Contained Reverse Cycle Marine Air conditioner 110-120V/60Hz

Newly developed MSA series are milestone in marine air conditioning systems. Unique construction with Light weight materials, they add less weight to your boat, resulting less fuel consumption and easier to maintain.
Real Humidity Control with Humidistat
New microprocessor controlled system allows users to set desired humidity level in the cabin. Once dehumidification mode is selected, It's Hi-tech dual sensor on return air, will sense both the cabin temperature and humidity level. Humidity level can be set to any level by percentage (40%, 50%, 60% etc).
Dual Control
MSAseries come with LCD wall controller and wireless remote controller for convenience.
Sound Cover
MSAseries come with sound cover around the compressor compartment as standard accessory. The sound covers reduce the noise level by 60%
Built in Pressure Gauges
MSAseries are equipped with built in high pressure and low pressure gauges. Built-in pressure gauges bring easiness to monitor the air conditioner and diagnose how healthy it is operating. The gauges are installed in an angle that makes it readable horizontally and vertically.
360 Degree Rotatable Blower
The unique design makes very easy to rotate the blower outlet. The blower can be rotated in any angle within minutes.
Environmentally Friendly with new R410A Refrigerant
As standard, all MSA series come with R410A refrigerant pre-charged. The new refrigerant R410A is not only environmentally friendly, it also provides higher heating and cooling efficiency for low energy consumption.
Easy Charging Port
Thanks to its 1/4" NPT standard charging port, MSA series are the easiest units in the market for charging refrigerant. There is no need to remove the unit or disassemble any part.
Compact Size
It's great features come in small size. MSA series made in smallest possible size to fit tiny enclosures. Although it has bigger coils for higher efficiency, the extreme engineering made it smallest size possible.