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Amphibian PRO Green

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Amphibian PRO Green
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Amphibian PRO Green


The new Amphibian Pro from OceanLED raises the bar yet again for all underwater lighting on the market. The original Amphibian range, (A3, A6 and A12) were designed with the specific purpose of running in and out of water, however with the singular purpose of being used underwater the power can be substantially turned up as the water cooling is consistent. In doing this the A12 becomes almost 75% brighter than a standard A12 which means it will out perform any competing LED underwater light on the market but more importantly rival any 50 watt Xenon bulb style underwater light.

Issued with an exclusive Gun-Metal colored insert the Amphibian Pro still holds all the normal characteristics of the standard Amphibian Pro such as thermal protection, Tritonium lens protection, 40,000 hour life and with only a slight increase in power draw. Powered on 12vDC the Amphibian Pro uses only 1.8 amps and on 24vDC a mere 0.9 amps, which when compared to a xenon bulb at over an 8 amp current draw, the advantages are clear.



- Minimal Power Requirements

- Chemically Inert, Rust Free Body

- 40,000 Hours Lifespan

- Tritonium Lens - Scratch & Sea Growth Resistant

- No External Parts -- 3/8" Thru Hull Installation 

- For Underwater Use Only!

- Brighter than a 50 watt Xenon Underwater Light with up to 8 times the power savings!

- Almost twice as bright as the original!

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